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I Shut Down All My Social Media And This Is What Happened

What would happen if one day you just disconnected, if you pulled the plug on your social media? What would I miss if I wasn’t on social media? What would change? This is something I had to ask myself before I made the sudden choice to just not exist online.

Behind The Platfrom

I never intended to make a name for myself or live outside of the shadows that I am all so used too. Yet, here I am, lucky enough to spend every day and waking moment trying to use my platform to try to do good; to help others. It still

Self Care Packages To Make You Smile

(This blog post contains sponsored items, which were so kindly sent to me in exchange for a feature. All items were carefully chosen by me and supported by my own opinion that they can and have helped someone like me, with mental illness. Products marked with * are sponsored) I

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