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[Guest Blog] Being A Man With A Mental Illness

Andrew (@moneymentaluk) got in contact about talking about his mental health. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity as the masculine stigma is close to my heart, after my father died by suicide in 2014. Firstly let me start by saying mental illness, irrespective of gender, is horrific! I don’t believe

[Guest Blog] Fighting ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Todays Guest Post is by the lovely Peter Shaw (@pjshaw192), I’m in love with his words and I am sure you will be too! The only way we can end Toxic Masculinity is by talking about it – which is what Peter is doing. I have struggled with anxiety and

From One Man To Another: Toxic Masculinity

When I lost my father to suicide, I had no idea how big of a problem masculine stigma is. To me, it seems like a no-brainer that boys are just entitled to show their emotions as much as women. I have always found that I develop better relationships with boys

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