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Self Doubt – My Old Friend

I’ve not lived an easy life, I’ve suffered sp many traumatic events, that it is so hard for me to feel good about myself or my actions. On the inside I am still the girl who was called ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’, who people would never give the time of day.

At 14, I Was An Addict

I have mentioned often that I have suffered substance abuse in my past, however, there is a lot that I leave out. I don’t talk about it in detail and even my family and friends who witnessed my addiction, only knew half of the story. This is incredibly hard for

When You Have Nowhere To Go

Have you ever been in the situation where you have nowhere safe to go? I have. Most of my teen years especially became hard for me because I was never out-of-the-way of drama or arguments. It wasn’t due to me instigating these negative events but for some reason, I seemed

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