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Other Writing

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

― Ernest Hemingway

Below I have listed all of my authored Guest Blogs and Articles that have been published across the internet. You can get an idea of my work, who I am and what I am all about, have a gander!

If you’d like to commission me or work with me, I am available on a freelance basis, with rates that can be adjusted to your budget- get in touch.

I am more than happy to write articles for charities and good causes at no cost at all, again, pop me a message!

June 2018

Wellbeing Writer – Conversations About ‘Resilience’
I Am Not Disordered- 24 Hours With Charlotte Underwood
Psychology Wales – Helping Someone Through A Mental Health Relapse
Voices Of Mental Health – 6 Ways Mental Illness Changed Me
Equilibrium Magazine (Issue 65) – Navigating Your Way Out Of A Crisis
Stigma Fighters – Charlotte Underwood
Pigletish – How Changing Perspectives Helped My Mental Health
Tracey Maxfield – The Cause Of My Addiction
The Mighty – What It Was Like To Grow Up With Depression
The Mighty – I ‘Should’ Be Able To Work But I Can’t Because Of Mental Illness 
Ballons And The Brain – How The Respect Of My Husband Helped Me
Teach Well Alliance – Acceptance And Understanding
Urban Twist – Marry The Jester, Not The Prince
Norwich Mind – I Lived To Tell Another Day
Nicoles Journey [Contributor] – Strength And Recovery

May 2018

Sick Not Weak – True Passions Burn Brighter Than Fire
Sarahs Thinking Again – The Community Of Those With Mental Illness
Love Laughter Truth – More Than A Happy Memory
Gum On My Shoe – Who Are You, Really?
Talkspace – Therapy Helped Me
Headsqueeze – How My Mental Illness Made Me More Understanding
Miss Mental – I Cannot Stop Worrying
Michelle K Jamieson – Poisoned By Those You Love
PoetsIN – Charlotte Underwood Talks Her Fathers Suicide
Peaches And Scream – Interview With Charlotte Underwood
Watersedge Counselling – Finding Hope After My Fathers Suicide
Thought On Life And Love – Mental Health Armour
This Stuff Is Golden – Moving On
Torrance Media – Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Matters – Anxiety About Health Issues
Looking Through Rose Tinted Glasses – Charlotte’s Story
Young Minds – My Weight Is Not An Indication Of An Eating Disorder
My Uninspired Blog – How To Grieve In A Healthy Way 
My Bitter Insanity – My Body Identity After Abuse
Voices Of Mental Health – Tools I Use For My Mental Health Recovery
The Mighty – 2 Ways I Respond to Relationships as Someone with a Mental Illness
Powys Mental Health Blog – I Found Recovery Putting Pen To Paper
Designs In Mind – What Does Recovery Mean To Me?
Fearless Femme [ReBlog] – How I Passed My GCSE’s Despite Mental Ill Health

April 2018

The Counsellors Cafe – At 22, Mental Health Has Been A Lifelong Battle
Thought Catalogue [ReBlog] – Read This If You Feel Like You Have No Friends
Voices Of Mental Health – Mental Health And Addiction
Young Minds – My Story Of Self Harm and Recovery
Mind Matters – Life Can Get Better
Calm Man – “Don’t Let The Fear Of Striking Out Stop You From Playing The Game
Metro – If We’d Done Something Differently Would He Still Be Here?
Real Mom Blog – Meet Author Charlotte Underwood
Fly One The Wall Poetry – Can There Be Life After A Suicide
Counselling for performers – Charlotte Shares Her Life-long Mental Health Issues
Gum on My Shoe – The Real Meaning of Friendship
Self Care Psychology – You Have To Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On Before Helping Others
Mental Health Today -“‘After avoiding therapy for years I’m excited to soon be receiving help”
Time With – Losing Someone You Love: Why Talking Matters
A Lust For Life – Four Years On
Aaron Daniel Behr – Writing With A Purpose
Metro – [Contributor] ‘There Is No Finish Line To Grief’: How To Cope With Suicide Bereavement – Learning To Deal With Grief
Fix Me In Forty Five – The Healing Power Of Dogs
Fearless Femme – How Writing Changed My Life
No Light Without Darkness – Coping After Suicide

March 2018

The Mighty – When Every Day Feels Like a Really Long Day With Depression
Stumbling Mind – How I Became An Alcoholic At 14
The Content Wolf – How To Stop Your Thoughts From Spiralling During A Panic Attack
Centre For Mental Health – Losing Dad
Rachel Kelly Net – My Battle With Anxiety And Depression
Mind Waves News – “I Can’t Help But Smile When I’m Bouncing”

February 2018

Her Daring Thoughts – #BEBRAVE Story #5
Be Your Own Light – How I Lost A Loved One To Suicide 
The Shaw Mind Foundation – Recovery And Helping Others
David Susman PhD – Life Can Change For The Better

January 2018

MMK Mind – Mental Health Awareness Is In Our Language
Counselling Directory – “I’m a survivor and I will continue to survive every day”
Repsychl – An Interview With Charlotte Underwood

September 2017 

Death & The Maiden – After Suicide

August 2017

Think Your Future – Communication Isn’t A Dirty Word

July 2017

Mental Health Today – I am a Survivor of Suicide
Metro – Life After Suicide 

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