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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

― Helen Keller


In my opinion, finding the right copy/ghostwriter, is a lot like trying to find that special someone. In the sense that you are relying on them to provide your business with the appearance and reputation that you have worked so hard to build, you want to be supported and understood. You need to be able to work together, adapt and grow, with the only goal that together, your child, the business, will thrive and turn into that dream that you have every night.

I am not going to compare myself to the many other talented writers out there, but if you have found yourself stuck on my website at this point, something must stand out to you. That something, might just be the thing you are looking for.

All I ask is that you read through my extensive portfolio and get to know who I am as a writer. As I will not become a stranger to my roots, which can be a priceless tool for you. If you like my narrative like many seem to, then let me pitch you this..

If you hire me, I can guarantee these three things:

  1. You will always have work completed and sent to you before the deadline. I am the kind of person you can expect a fast response from and next day delivery if the options available and possible.
  2. I can take rejection, heck, writers get used to it. If you have a problem with my work, let me know and I will keep trying until that article makes you cry with pride. If we are not going to work together, there is no point in working with each other at all.
  3. I am a human, so I write like one. I connect with readers because I don’t like to treat them like anything less than someone I could talk to in person. I do have a unique narrative that can create a few ‘boos’ but really, most people respond well because we all need someone to remind us we are not alone, right? Just because the world is going digital, it doesn’t mean we should write like robots. I promise, connecting with the people who help your business bloom, that’s worth every penny.

Here is the need to know:

My experience? I have worked for The Metro, TalkSpace, Voices Of Mental Health, Delphis Learning and The Content Wolf. I have two monthly recurring gigs but it would not impact future clients.

How much will it cost?  At the moment, the price is negotiable, I pride myself on being willing to fit into anyone’s budget, providing it’s reasonable. A general rule, is the longer the piece or the more research needed, the higher the price.

How fast will you work? Depending on the level of work, depends on the speed I can go. However, I am very good at getting things done at lightning speed, but be realistic, you won’t get a 3k article written in a day without reason.

How do I hire you? Send me an email to: or contact me via this form and just tell me what you need, we can work together and come to an agreement.


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