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“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

― Stephen King


Eliminating The Stigma Against Mental Health, One Story At A Time.

Many people have told me that being in your 20’s, is too young to have anything to ‘be depressed about‘. This is just part of the stigma that I and many others endure on a daily basis. I aim to change this by informing and supporting.

As a survivor of alcoholism, sexual assault, rape, self-harm and a constant chain of trauma and mental illness. I am here to tell my story and to share my experiences with the world. There is no better lesson than the stories of real people.

No subject is off topic and no topic is dishonest.

This blog is to share the life lessons I, Charlotte Underwood, have learned over the last two decades. Join me on my journey of becoming a mental health advocate and hopefully changing a small part of this world.

If I can save a life, or just make someone feel less alone, then I’m achieving my dreams.

On this blog, you can keep up to date with my all my written work, including my blog posts, guest articles, poetry, and self-published books.

My main topics of writing are mental health, depression, anxiety, and suicide. I want to raise awareness as well as end the stigma. A comprehensive list of what I write about can be found here.

I am available as a friend to talk to and an honest source of first-person experience. Writing is my passion, which is why you can commision me as a Freelance Writer and follow all of my literary works.

I love to work with the media by doing interviews and articles to raise awareness, as well as doing my best to support charities and my fellow bloggers and social influencers.

To contact me to arrange an interview, to commision or collaborate with me, please get in contact via this form.

You can follow also keep up to date with me on Twitter.



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