How Mental Health First Aid Helped Me Be A Better Person

Mental Health First Aid has been around for decades, this was news to me! But it’s only been pushed in the UK over the last few years.

More and more businesses and charities are jumping on board with trying to grow their understanding of mental health and it’s a pretty fantastic thing.

I was offered MHFA training through the charity that I volunteer for sometimes, West Norfolk Mind.

I remember I was on holiday at the time, knee-deep in 2p’s at the arcade and I got the email through from the charity I volunteer for saying: “Do you want to be mental health first aid trained“.

The answer was DUH, I did not hesitate and I responded right away, I knew this was something I not only wanted to do, but needed to do.

It was a really great choice that I made, the course was so informal and friendly.

It was about more than just getting the certificate, it was about sharing experiences and talking to others who also had an interest in mental health, due to their job or their own life.

I did not learn that much more than I already knew, I’ve been very fortunate that I have been able to grow and learn about mental health on my own and through my advocacy.

However, I still learned so much more about different disorders and phrases that can really help someone in a tough time.

I can see how vital this course is for businesses because if it can help and grow a person who dedicates their life to mental health, it’s even more so important for those who are still trying to understand.

The course was so easy, supportive and generally worth all the time I spent on it.

Since the course, I have applied my learning to my advocacy, I have had to use my training to better what I do on a daily basis.

As much as I am confident in my skills already, I now know when to take a moment to really think about the best way to approach a situation and protect both me and the person in need.

I am better for knowing more about what a person is going through and how I can be the best support for them in the moment they ask for it.

MHFA is timeless, it will be valid for the rest of your life. It helps you grow as a person but you will also learn to be more empathic to your friends and family, and even yourself.

As much as there are debating the pros and cons of the MHFA course, I would 100% recommend it to anyone who was debating it.

What are you going to lose from it? Other than stigma and outdated views.

After all, we all have a right to be treated humanely, that’s exactly what MHFA teaches.

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