Self Care Packages To Make You Smile

(This blog post contains sponsored items, which were so kindly sent to me in exchange for a feature. All items were carefully chosen by me and supported by my own opinion that they can and have helped someone like me, with mental illness. Products marked with * are sponsored)

I was kind enough to be sent this little care page by Ann-Marie Darcey-Sharp, who owns a beautiful little Etsy shop. She had recently set up her gorgeous positive gifts store and honesty, I am in love.

I have to admit, I usually hesitate from sponsored posts, I get scared that people will assume that I am doing this just for the free things. Which, though nice, I actually adore the items I was sent.

I now have this dorky smile on my face, which I just what I needed this morning.

Ann sells two different kinds of packages, ‘A Package Of Self Care‘ and a ‘Package Of Cheerfulness’ which come in three different sizes, perfect for any budget! I was sent the large self-care parcel.

There are also a handful of small, single items such as super cute bracelets and bunting. There is something for everyone, regardless of your tastes.

You know, the one thing I love about Ann is that there is so much love and thought put into these packages.

So if you just have a thing for unwrapping (I do), like surprises or just need something to cheer you up; as there’s nothing better than a package from the postie. You know that you are in safe hands.

What’s better is that items do vary, so your parcel is unique and one of a kind, just like you!

The Packaging

LOOK, at this beautiful packaging. Bright colors are everything and aesthetically speaking, I was super pleased with the presentation of this parcel. It’s so simple but so very cute!

Care Package Overview

This is everything I was sent, note: not everything here is included in the package but I was super excited and grateful because Ann wanted to send me something extra. Is there anything better than the blogging community?! We lift each other up!


There is nothing in this world, other than my dog, that I love more than my smellies! I find it so soothing to have a good scent in the air, plus, you never know when you need to cover up a smell in the house!

Items Included:

  1. x4 Candles*
  2. ‘Sai’ Incense*
  3. Tropical Reed Diffuser*

I cannot take my eyes off these beauties! I am not really a jewelry person but even I know, that I will definitely be wearing these often!

Items Included:

  1. Turtle Bracelet*
  2. Pendant*

I’m in the process of trying to get into University next year, so (fingers crossed) if I do, these little guys will be perfect in my pencil-case to make my long day of study just that little bit brighter!

Items Included:

  1. Rainbow Post It Notes*
  2. Happy Day Pencil*
  3. Strawberry Eraser*
  4. Unicorn Pen*

And finally, these are all the self-care and pamper items that you would ever need on a night packed full of me time. The whole package smelt amazing (through the actual parcel) and now I know why! I can’t wait to get my pamper on tonight!

Items Included:

  1. Mint Nail Polish*
  2. x2 Bath Bombs*
  3. A Bag Of Lavender*
  4. Orange Eye Mask*
  5. Handheld Fan*
  6. Squishy Dinosaur (Super obsessed right now!)*
  7. Little Yellow Man*
  8. Paper Bunting*

Obviously, this post is to promote a friends product. Ann is someone I am getting to know well through Twitter and she supports me so much, that I wanted to do this.

So while I will not force you to purchase anything you do not want, as this blog has never been about money.

I would like to just say that if this post sparks your fancy, then you are supporting a brave, wonderful person by doing so – which is always better than subscription-box corporations who do not care about you.

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