The Time I Almost Died

I want to talk about the time I almost died.

I was little, I think around 7 years old and my parents had dragged me and my brother away, mid monopoly game (not cool!) so that we could go somewhere.

So begrudgingly I sat in the cramped car and tried to entertain myself and my little brother on the way to wherever our destination was.

I found a 5p coin and decided to do a magic trick (can you see where this is going?).

I believe I had recently seen a magician at a party and I was so impressed, career choice maybe!

So I said to my brother “I’ll make this coin disappear” and I did, I cleverly snook it into my mouth, with the intention to hide it in my gum but I swallowed.

Next thing I knew I couldn’t breathe, I could hear my parents scream “She’s going blue” and so my older brother hits me really hard on the back and I could breathe again, though the coin was inside me still.

So off to the hospital I went, I was clumsy and always ended up at A&E so my parents were not impressed at all! You should see my medical record, it’s hefty!

I only remember my throat hurting badly, like I swallowed a knife, and trying to play with the toys in the kid’s area to distract myself.

Hours later and an X-ray showed that the coin was no longer a problem, I was fine.

My brother asked if he could have money for saving my life, in which my dad said “Yeah wait around 9 hours” and laughed! Gross!

My brother never got paid but he did save my life and because of his quick response, I am still here.

I am a firm believer in fate, I tend to curse a lot at the universe but I do ask myself often, If my life did not play out exactly how it did, would I still be who I am today?

A big part of mental health recovery is learning to accept your past, it certainly is a part of you and it has shaped you but it does not need to define you.

We need to live through mistakes and traumatic events to learn about ourselves and develop into adults.

So we can be angry and bitter or we can try to understand our past, to educate ourselves and learn to better manage our lifestyles and mental health.

It is never too late to change your life, to try something new and make a change, embrace the good and the bad.

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