How I Combat My Mental Illness

It is a very hard thing to fight any mental illness on a daily basis, it is so tiring because it needs constant work.

In this blog post, I want to talk about what I do to manage my mental health.

It is a question that I get asked very often but how I cope, changes on the day but the following list covers my go to ‘self-care’.

• Write (All day, everyday!)

• Medication ( Remember this is subjective to an individual!)

• Spend time with my dog

• Lavender oil ( The smell calms me )

• Trampolining (In my living room!)

• Cleaning ( Usually late at night )

• Cuddling a Pillow ( Simple and effective)

• Watching Joseph ( Best Musical Ever)

• Playing emotional music ( Force those tears out!)

• Playing the Sims ( For hours on end )

• Being near nature ( Beauty is calming )

• Listening to the sound of Rain

• Listening to Relaxing music

• Being read to / Audio Books

• Watching Cartoons ( the more childish the show the better)

• A hot bath ( Un-tense those muscles)

• Baking ( That baking smell tho)

• Helping others ( It really fills me with joy)

• Getting boring tasks out the way, it’s hard but the feeling after is so rewarding!

It’s important to note that what works for me may not work for you but it’s always good to learn or try new ways to combat those demons.

Self Care is SO Important, something as simple as brushing your hair or teeth each day helps with routine, which you can build on over time.

Remember mental health recovery isn’t a race and there is no cure but you can learn to manage it and still achieve all your life goals and dreams.

A little bit of advice though, is to follow what you enjoy, that curiosity or passion in your heart, be it photos, design, art, sport or writing, hobbies are a great outlet that can have many rewards.

If you don’t have a passion yet, that’s ok, I only found mine this last year, it will come to you but it doesn’t mean you can live your life to the full.

Keep fighting, your life is so important.

PS: I know this post is brief and short but I think it does the job!

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